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The Integrative Law Movement is a global movement of 1000’s of lawyers, legal advisors, judges, mediators and law students who are questioning the existential environment surrounding the legal system and rethinking the jurisprudence underpinning it. We are looking at some of the purposes of a legal system such as that of healing conflict and realising “Hey, we haven’t equipped ourselves very well for this!”.

South Africa has been lauded for its TRC reconciliation process and hailed for its visionary Constitution but if you ask any local lawyer they’ll likely agree that our everyday legal profession is not leading the world.

“The move to multi-dimensional lawyering requires simultaneous reform of legal procedure and the development of new lawyer skills. Lawyers need to act differently. To act differently, they must think differently. This is the place to begin: with a new mentality for lawyers and the public about the possibilities in law for securing human interaction and fulfillment in solving problems.”

~Thomas D. Barton and James M. Cooper

The Centre for Integrative Law is a home for competent, conscious and compassionate lawyers. We help lawyers explore things like Mindfulness training for Lawyers, Values-Based Lawyering, Humanizing Legal Education and leadership development.  We are developing a unique understanding of the Integrative Law Movement in the South African context.

If you remember one thing about Integrative Law, it should be this:  The movement is as much about the internal shifts and personal development work of the lawyer, as it is about new more humane models and methods of practising law (external aspects).


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