Who is the CIL Team?

Who is the CIL Team?


[quote style=”boxed”]Many people sense and are drawn together around a new possibility that is unfolding, and it’s usually more than one person who senses it and wants to help. I rarely find myself in this sort of place alone. You don’t even have to advertise – there’s something about the situation that resonates with people who have a similar intent and similar set of principles and values. They’re drawn to it and then magic begins to unfold.” From the book Presence: Exploring profound change in people, organizations and society[/quote]

by Peter Senge, Otto Scharmer, Joseph Jaworski and Betty Sue Flowers


[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n January 2012 Amanda Lamond, a qualified attorney who had left the legal profession, was inspired by the depth of leadership development programmes she came across in many corporates and business schools. Amanda formed  a very clear vision that she needed to create what she initially called a “Centre for Conscious Law” for South Africa.

Though it seemed a stretch of the imagination at that stage, a few months later she discovered that what she had been calling “conscious” law was in fact known globally as the Integrative Law Movement. She also came across J Kim Wright, a legal visionary based in North Carolina, who is recognised as a pioneer of the movement and author of the American Bar Association’s bestseller Lawyers as Peacemakers. Kim Wright pledged all her support to help create an Integrative Law Movement in South Africa.

The Centre for Integrative Law was launched in September 2012 to co-incide with Kim Wright’s visit to South Africa where Kim and Amanda co-hosted the country’s First Integrative Law Conference.

The CIL continues to collaborate with Kim Wright and other cutting edge US lawyers and professors, pioneering the Integrative Law Movement and humanizing legal education. Amongst these are Pauline Tesler, director of the Integrative Law Institute (ILI) in San Francisco. These experts have openly pledged to support the CIL in programme design, putting the CIL in a unique position to ensure that legal professionals in South Africa have access to the latest and best thinking globally in legal innovation, and lawyer actualisation.

Right now the CIL has one full time principal, Amanda Lamond, who collaborates with a large number of exceptional facilitators, trainers and associates who are brought in on a flexible basis to offer their expertise for specific engagements or client projects.

There are plans to create a separate, non-profit entity or association for all the lawyers wishing to be identify themselves as part of the Integrative Law Movement. This will involve signing a voluntary Oath and may allow members to show an emblem on their sites and marketing materials indicating their commitment to Integrative Legal Practice Principles. Please see the SAILA tab if you’re keen to connect with like-minded lawyers who believe in bringing values and humanity back to the practice of law.

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