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“Pauline Tesler is the most dynamic, articulate and mesmerizing presenter I have ever heard. Thank you for this incredible opportunity to learn. It was one of the best trainings I’ve attended.” – Susan Hansen, Milwaukee, WI

“The world as we know it is changing— and so is the legal profession.”

The Centre for Integrative Law  PROUDLY PRESENTS 
NEURO-LITERACY FOR LAWYERS – 1 day seminar in CT and JHB
With global legal pioneer Pauline Tesler, from San Francisco.
Pauline Tesler is a rockstar in the legal world

She has won every award in the United States relating to pioneering or innovative approaches to law including the first “Lawyer as Problem Solver” award from the American Bar Association in 2002; being named as a California “Superlawyer” annually for nearly a decade; being included in “Best Lawyers in America” since 2011 and the Collaborative Practice California’s “Eureka” award.Since 1998 Pauline has given more than 100 introductory, intermediate, and advanced collaborative trainings and workshops for lawyers and interdisciplinary teams across North America, the United Kingdom, Ireland, continental Europe, New Zealand, Australia, and Israel.

While Pauline is regarded as the global expert on Collaborative Divorce, in the last 8 years her work has expanded to integrate understandings from the neurosciences to enrich and deepen the work of all lawyers. Pauline will be presenting seminars on 

Neuro-literacy for Lawyers and on the more niche Collaborative Divorce in each major city while in South Africa.

Neuro-Literacy for Lawyers

This is a first-of-its-kind workshop teaching lawyers practical take-aways based on game-changing discoveries in the fields of brain science, neuro-economics, positive psychology, body-mind awareness science, and more. Research discoveries over the past decade have dramatically changed understandings about how our human brains actually work. These discoveries potentially impact almost everything that lawyers do when we work with clients.

Neuro-literacy is not optional. To do the best for clients every lawyer needs a basic working knowledge of recent discoveries in the biological and social sciences as they relate to decision making, conflict, and choice. This introductory workshop can transform how you think about yourself, your role as a lawyer, and your relationship with your clients.

1 day seminar (ENS Offices in Cape Town foreshore & JHB, Sandton)

Cape Town: 10 April

Johannesburg: 23 April




Learn how to:

  • Enhance your negotiation skills
  • Grasp the enormous benefit of understanding the essential elements of human cognition and motivation
  • Learn concepts and practical techniques that can make conflict resolution and deal negotiation more effective and satisfying for dealmakers and clients
  • Consider some of the ethical implications of these new understandings about how humans are wired

Law and emotions scholarship has reached a critical moment in its trajectory and it has become a varied and dynamic body of work. Yet many lawyers and legal academics remain ambivalent about the huge potential of these developments.  Attend this cutting edge introductory course in practical “neuro-literacy” to explore new perspectives on why we and our clients behave as we do during conflict and conflict resolution— and how we might do better.

Who should attend?

  • Attorneys in all areas of legal practice especially commercial, property and family law
  • Advocates & judges 
  • Mediators & arbitrators involved in ADR (all practice areas)
  • in house counsel, dealmakers & negotiators – business people who spend significant time negotiating will find this valuable
  • academics who want to be up to speed on global legal developments




Testimonials about Pauline H. Tesler’s trainings

“The [Neuro Collaboration] course fills a void; professionals can now truly understand the inner workings of what goes through the minds of our clients when they are in conflict. The rewards from taking this course are remarkable! ” Frederick Glassman, JD, President, Los Angeles Collaborative Family Law Association, listed in Best Lawyers in America, member of Board, California Dispute Resolution Council, Registered Observer for the Uniform Collaborative Law Act.

“The NeuroCollaboration course was spellbinding! It engaged everyone in the class from beginning to end —we sometimes almost forgot to take breaks! This cutting edge information about human meaning making and behaviour should be required study—early on —in every law school and conflict resolution curriculum.” Tom Owens, JD, LLM, civil /commercial mediator, arbitrator, negotiator, consultant, and coach, listed in Best  Lawyers in America.

“I have been teaching law for 30 years. Pauline Tesler is probably the best trainer I have ever encountered.In addition to a profound understanding of the subject, she has a brilliant ability to convey the deep ethical and human implications of collaborative [practice], while simultaneously addressing practical steps in a way that engages her audience.” Iris Burke, faculty, University of Florida Law School

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