SA’s 1st Integrative Law Conference

Kim Wright’s Visit to Cape Town


Amanda & Kim Wright


Kim Wright, the legal visionary and author of ABA Bestseller Lawyers as Peacemakers visited Cape Town in September 2012 to present two events to the legal profession.

The first was a lunchtime talk at  UCT’s Graduate School of Business and the second was a full day Integrative Law Conference  – the first Integrative Law conference ever to take place in South Africa! It was held at the CPUT Hotel School in Granger Bay on 27 September 2012.

Kim Wright and Amanda Boardman also presented a break-out session at the international Barrett Values Centre conference, held in Cape Town in September 2012.

The attorneys, advocates, prosecutors and mediators who attended the Integrative Law Conference were very enthusiastic about their introduction to Integrative Law.

Some of the feedback:

“A warm thank you for creating such an inspiring space for me to begin my journey into law.”

“My head is buzzzzzzzzzzzzing with all the new ideas. I don’t think I will get to sleep tonight. As a one person practice, I can implement the changes from tomorrow! Wow, that’s exciting, I don’t need permission from anybody!”

“Well done on a successful start to the Centre for Integrative Law! Today was one of the highlights of my legal career to date.” 

“Thank you Kim for being a door-opener so that it is easier for people like me to walk through; and Amanda for being a visionary”










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