Fantastic! Long overdue within the profession! Finally some people who are willing to see the elephant in the room! Thanks for engendering an environment where I felt safe, relaxed, accepted, honoured, appreciated and valued.
~ Legal Aid delegate at 3 day Integrative Law Training January 2014

Superb, exciting, mind-expanding!
~ Philippa Levitt, Divorce Coach, Johannesburg (attended Kim Wright’s Collaborative Divorce Training 2014)

 It was a wonderful and life-enriching course and I believe represents the way of the future in respect of the resolution of family law matters.
~ Tom Blythe, Family Lawyer, Cape Town (attended Kim Wright’s Collaborative Divorce Training 2014)

I loved reading through some of your blog. Your writing is powerful, and of course the name is the best. I’ve also looked all through your Centre for Integrative Law website, which is amazing. Thank you for doing this work in the world!
~ Judi Cohen, lawyer & Mindfulness Instructor, San Francisco

 For me the big prize that I walked away with was the knowledge and awareness that I am not alone in the legal world. That there are many other fascinating authentic and richly complex women lawyers all over the World who are conscious at all levels. One loves Trees. One practises law from her home aided by her dog. And the male lawyer in the USA who openly proclaims his commitment to Love!
~ Participant at the Values Driven Lawyer Workshop August 2013, Johannesburg 

Amanda is on the leading edge of helping lawyers find the way to better calibrate the balance between life and the practice of law. Keep up your great work.
~Dan Defoe, JD, MS, Adlitem Solutions

Practising law will never be the same after attending the Neuro-Literacy Conference for Lawyers. Understanding how the brain works will also help negotiators and mediators develop more effective strategies to resolve disputes. Thank you Amanda for bringing Pauline Tesler to South Africa!
~ Jacques Joubert, mediator and author of Woza Mediation South Africa (attended Pauline Tesler’s Neuro Literacy Training 2013)

What a refreshingly new and dynamic insight into our staid profession. You are to be congratulated for having the courage of your convictions in introducing Pauline to our fraternity here. Her presentation skills and enthusiasm for her groundbreaking approach are remarkable and very infectious.
~ Nick Muller, Director – Dispute Resolution, Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr Inc, Cape Town (attended Pauline Tesler’s Neuro Literacy Training 2013)

Thanks so much for a very interesting and dare I say revolutionary seminar yesterday. The study of the brain and cognitive issues are, in fact, a hobby of mine and I found the discussion not only very informative but of great practical use.
~ PJ Veldhuizen Bproc, Cert Tax, LLM, MBA, Gillan & Veldhuizen Inc, Corporate & Commercial Attorneys & Conveyancers (attended Pauline Tesler’s Neuro Literacy Training 2013)

Pauline Tesler has a way of bringing a more human connection to the practice of law. This has been a good reminder that lawyers have a much bigger role to play in bringing the concept of ‘ubuntu’ in resolving conflicts.
~ Joslyn Sithole, Attorney at ENS, Johannesburg (attended Pauline Tesler’s Neuro Literacy Training 2013)

It was such an eye-opener! It completely altered the way I think of my clients, which of course leans more toward their behaviour. I am now able to be more attentive, objective, less judgemental and more analytical. Not forgetting that a little bit of empathy and emotions should be and will be incorporated when engaging with clients.
~ Phindi Keswa, Attorney at Johannesburg Justice Centre

Every lawyer should attend this seminar. It is that simple. What Pauline Tesler has done is condense much of the latest findings of neuroscience in a format which is both content-rich and palatable. Attending this seminar will not only give you another set of perspectives through which to view the entire legal profession, but a remarkable insight into human behaviour and how law is practiced in this context. This may well be the competitive edge that will decide whether, as an individual practitioner or a firm, you flourish or flounder in these times of paradigm change.
~ Wendy Ward , Resilience Coach, Cape Town

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