SA Lawyers rave about Neuro-Literacy for Lawyers Seminar!

Neuro-Literacy for Lawyers Cape Town April 2013

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In April 2013 the Centre for Integrative Law brought the amazing legal pioneer Pauline Tesler to South Africa to provide the first ever Collaborative Divorce training in this country and to present two cutting-edge seminars on Neuro-Literacy for Lawyers.

We’re pleased to report there was the most  enthusiastic response to Pauline Tesler’s seminars in both Cape Town and Johannesburg and already we are planning to bring Pauline back to SA for further events.

The Neuro-Literacy seminar centred on game-changing discoveries in the fields of brain science, neuro-economics, positive psychology, body-mind awareness science, and more. Research discoveries over the past decade have dramatically changed understandings about how our human brains actually work. These discoveries potentially impact almost everything that lawyers do when we work with clients.

The intention of the seminar is to give every lawyer

  • a basic working knowledge of recent discoveries in the biological and social sciences as they relate to decision making, conflict, and choice.
  • to  transform how you think about yourself, your role as a lawyer, and your relationship with your clients

What a refreshingly new and dynamic insight into our staid profession. You are to be congratulated for having the courage of your convictions in introducing Pauline to our fraternity here. Her presentation skills and enthusiasm for her groundbreaking approach are remarkable and very infectious.~ Nick Muller, Director – Dispute Resolution, Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr Inc

Thanks so much for a very interesting and dare I say revolutionary seminar yesterday. The study of the brain and cognitive issues are, in fact, a hobby of mine and I found the discussion not only very informative but of great practical use. ~ PJ Veldhuizen  Bproc, Cert Tax, LLM, MBA, Gillan & Veldhuizen Inc, Corporate & Commercial Attorneys & Conveyancers 


The Neuro-literacy workshop was fascinating and intellectually stimulating. Pauline Tesler has the ability to explain complex scientific ideas in a clear and understandable way relating them to law and legal practice. She is also a dynamic and captivating speaker. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone working in the legal sphere as its application is vast and profound. Thank you to Amanda Boardman and the CIL for this remarkable opportunity! ~Rhiannon Thomas, Attorney, Cape Town

 Every lawyer should attend this seminar.  It is that simple.  What Pauline Tesler has done is condense much of the latest findings of neuroscience in a format which is both content-rich and palatable. Attending this seminar will not only give you another set of perspectives through which to view the entire legal profession, but a remarkable insight into human behaviour and how law is practiced in this context.  This may well be the competitive edge that will decide whether, as an individual practitioner or a firm, you flourish or flounder in these times of paradigm change. ~ Wendy Ward – Lawyer Coach

 As a first time participant in a conference dealing with concepts of Neuro-Literacy I found the experience to be thoroughly interesting. It gave me an opportunity to start thinking outside my institutionalized conservative box. I found over the past few years that while studying law taught me the background and the basics of what I needed to become a lawyer, being in practice taught me how to be a lawyer by example from my peers and personal experience. Attending a conference like Neuro-Literacy makes you sit back and realize that all you have been taught is not all there is and that by understanding and being more aware of the actions of various brain centres you can tweak your manner of dealing with a client or opposition to obtain a better outcome for all concerned.~ Anneli Wiese, Attorney,  STBB, Cape Town

A brilliant presentation- absolutely amazing and remarkable. Very interesting and informative ~Advocate Hajira Siddi Ganie, Mount Edgecombe

The seminar really fosters a complete paradigm shift in how one practices law. It is both informative and enjoyable. Definitely worth attending! ~ Grace Malavi, Attorney at ENS, Johannesburg

Pauline Tesler has a way of bringing a more human connection to the practice of law. This has been a good reminder that lawyers have a much bigger role to play in bringing the concept of ‘ubuntu’ in resolving conflicts ~ Joslyn Sithole, Attorney at ENS, Johannesburg

It was such an eye-opener! It completely altered the way I think of my clients, which of course leans more toward their behaviour. I am now able to be more attentive, objective, less judgemental and more analytical. Not forgetting that a little bit of empathy and emotions should be and will be incorporated when engaging with clients ~ Phindi Keswa, Attorney at Johannesburg Justice Centre

What an eye opener- should be mandatory training for all family law attorneys ~ Bev Loubser, Loubser Attorneys, Johannesburg

Fresh approach to ‘lawyering’- valuable, inspiring and insightful. Indeed something to practice ~ Janette Henzon-du Toit, Johannesburg

Involves a profoundly different mind shift. Enlightening! The new challenge is exciting ~ Gina Vlachos, Clarks Attorneys, Johannesburg

180 degree shift in mind set! Valuable, stimulating and challenging. Personal growth at best. Collaborative law and this session absolutely rocks! Self discovery and eye opener! ~ Caroline Foord, Attorney, Johannesburg

Valuable. Opened the scope of my thoughts ~Luvuyo Silandela, Attorney, Johannesburg

This was really enlightening. Will be of value in daily practice and litigation. Will recommend to others ~Nel Van Zyl, Attorney, Johannesburg

Very stimulating and valuable- a lot of attorneys could use it, in fact all attorneys and the legal professionals must attend this course ~ Michael Ramaphosa, Attorney, Johannesburg

It is an amazing eye-opener. A must attend for every lawyer. ~Bishop Kgagara, Attorney, Johannesburg

Pauline’s clear vision of lawyers assisting and helping clients resolve their interpersonal conflict is pervasive and fulfilling…~ Riva Lange, Riva Lange Attorneys, Johannesburg

Not ‘the’ story but ‘a’ story. A new revolution! ~ Sue Le Roux, Attorney, Pretoria

Very innovative and thought provoking ~B.M Marshall, Attorney, Pretoria

Of vital importance- should be taught at legal school and at university! ~ Mariette Kruger, MC Kruger Attorneys, Johannesburg

This was an eye opener and can change the way we interact with our clients… ~Lorraine Masuku, Attorney, Johannesburg