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Amanda Lamond is passionate about sharing the developments in the global Integrative Law Movement with anyone interested in the cutting edge of law!

If you want to chat through some of the possibilities please contact us. Topics to consider:

  • The Global Integrative Law Movement
  • Lawyer well-being
  • Collaborative Divorce
  • Creating a Values-based practice
  • Lawyers as Peacemakers, Problem Solvers and Healers
  • The Neuro-Science of Conflict
  • Executive Coaching for Lawyers

Below is an example of some speaking engagements:

  • Finding New Ways for Women to Lead in Law, conference of 100 women lawyers, a joint venture between the Centre for Integrative Law & UCT’s Law@Work Division, 18 September 2015
  • “Culture as a differentiating factor for marketing your firm”, Practice Management for Attorneys Conference, Law Society of South Africa, August 2015,
    • Considering a different perspective on the legal system and the legal profession: creating a new culture of law
    • Examining new ways of perceiving your role as an attorney and developing your personal awareness, personal management and personal mastery abilities
    • Understanding how attorneys can practise law differently: introducing new soft skills and techniques
    • Looking at how to minimise the incidence of stress, anxiety, depression and burnout amongst practising attorneys
  • At Court: a facilitated leadership process where leadership delegates challenge their company’s leadership strategy in a mock trial process, as part of Duke Corporate Education leadership development courses. (Amanda has facilitated this process 6 to 8 times)
  • “The Future of Law” at UNISA’s Visionaries for Law & Justice Series, August 2015
  • “The Future of Law” at Wellness Warehouse 24 Slides Series, November 2013
  • Speaker at the Women’s Conference 22 & 23 August 2013, held by Law Society of the Northern Provinces
  • “Humanizing Legal Education”, a presentation to LEAD (Legal Education & Development arm of the Law Society of South Africa) January 2013
  • “Values-Based Legal Contracts”, Co-presentation with J Kim Wright at Barrett Values Centre Conference, September 2012
  • “The Integrative Law Movement” Co-presentation with J Kim Wright at UNISA Law Faculty, September 2012

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