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My own copy of Lawyers as Peacemakers is stuffed with such a quantity of post-its that they are almost redundant: every page has something noteworthy. I was so inspired by reading it that I got in touch with both Kim Wright and the publisher and made plans to ship 100 copies to South Africa before my more business-minded and MBA’d partner reminded me to focus on what I do best (which is not selling books).

The most astonishing thing about this book is that it is way ahead of its time and yet somehow the American Bar Association had the foresight to publish it. My own dealings with the various law societies in South Africa, supportive as they profess to be of Integrative Law appear to be about a decade off a publication of this nature, but I stand to be corrected.

There are 5 pages of advance praise for Lawyers as Peacemakers which capture the immense power of Kim’s insight and experience of Integrative Law. Just some of the comments include

“This book can truly help make peacemaking your life’s work”

 “This book points the way to a new paradigm for lawyers”

“Wright’s book is a beautiful and palpable illustration that will bring a more dignified and effective approach to American jurisprudence”

“Wright may well be the Oprah of the Emerging Legal World…if you are a practicing lawyer and have only 30 minutes a day to do something ‘for you’, then this book might just save your life.”

Is there more I could say? Of course! I could tell you the bits that made me cry and the bits I started to read aloud to anyone around me who would listen. But really, you should buy the book. And I suggest you read it before November 2013 because the Centre for Integrative Law is bringing Kim Wright back to South Africa for a series of workshops and lawyer retreats and only by reading this book will you realise the enormity of an opportunity to spend time with such a globally-recognised legal visionary.

A lot has been written about the book online – so have a look! 

Lawyers as Peacemakers