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Lawyers as Peacemakers Conference at UNISA October 2015

How things are unfolding in the South African world of Integrative Law               In September 2012 after my first Skype conversation with Kim Wright, author of Lawyers as Peacemakers, events happily transpired to bring Kim to South Africa so that I could learn about the global Integrative Law Movement […]

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Evolutionary Leadership for Lawyers Program

  “What kind of person the lawyer is matters equally as much as the power of the lawyer’s intellect.” ~ Pauline H. Tesler, Director of the Integrative Law Institute in San Francisco There is a growing body of research on leadership indicating that the leader’s worldview and level of consciousness will shape the organisation that […]

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All the nice lawyers love a SAILA!

   “About 20% of lawyers, or one in five, are ‘walking wounded’, meaning functioning and practising law while attempting to cover up, hide, or camouflage his or her psychological distress.” ~ Professor Susan Daicoff in Lawyer, Know Thyself. What’s SAILing got to do with lawyering? Southern Africa’s Integrative Lawyer’s Association (SAILA) has come into existence because […]

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Um, Remind Me What is Integrative Law about again?

The Integrative Law Movement is an international movement of 1000’s of lawyers, legal advisors, judges, mediators, law students who are questioning the existential environment surrounding the legal system. We are asking: What if we aren’t all separate and at odds with each other? What if the corrections system with its focus on retribution is ultimately […]

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