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Introduction to Integrative Law

Amanda Boardman, Director of the Centre for Integrative Law, presents an introduction to the global Integrative Law Movement. The various vectors of the movement are covered as well as which of these are now active in South Africa. The presentation can be tailored towards specific members of the legal profession eg commercial attorneys or family law attorneys.  Amanda works with the leaders of the Integrative Law Movement from all 6 continents to ensure the South African legal profession has access to the latest developments and methodologies.


Neuro science for lawyers

Law and emotions scholarship has reached a critical moment in its trajectory and it has become a varied and dynamic body of work. Yet many lawyers and legal academics remain ambivalent about the huge potential of these developments.   The paradigm is shifting rapidly. Now that neuroscience can inform us about the perceptual, emotional, and decision-making processes inside the brains of clients and lawyers, helping us question received beliefs based on 18th century ideas about human nature, a basic acquaintance with this knowledge is essential for practitioners who want to facilitate optimal outcomes for their clients. A working knowledge of applied neuroscience not only illuminates factors that help or hinder the conflict resolution process, but it also mandates changes in the ways that lawyers understand the essence and the desired outcome of the resolution process itself.  A model of human nature grounded in science points to a job description for lawyers that is broader, deeper, more challenging, and infinitely more satisfying than what is taught in law school and in the courts.

PaulineTesler from San Francisco was brought to South Africa in April 2013 to present sessions in both Johannesburg and Cape Town on Neuro-Literacy for Lawyers. The aim of the training is to help lawyers equip themselves to make the journey from traditional attorney to effective conflict resolution professional.

Pauline Tesler is a pioneering collaborative thinker, writer, trainer, and adjunct faculty member at the Straus Dispute Resolution Institute. More recently, Pauline’s writing, speaking and training have focused on integrative law and on practical applications in conflict resolution work of new understandings from the behavioral and evolutionary neurosciences. Pauline has set up the Integrative Law Institute (ILI) whose mission is to bring insights and tools to lawyers so that they have what they need to return the practice of law to its original purpose: helping people reach resolution that heals conflict. with Tom Lewis, M.D.,  noted psychiatrist, psycho-biologist,  assistant clinical professor at the University of California San Francisco School of Medicine to explore how lawyers and other conflict resolution professionals can facilitate deeper resolution and can engage more authentically and effectively with their clients through understanding the nexus between neurobiology and deep resolution. Together they have developed more than eighteen hours of interactive multimedia training and workshop material and have presented this material to rave reviews at the Straus Dispute Resolution Institute (Pepperdine Law School).

Amanda Boardman is working with Pauline to offer a version of Pauline’s training, a half day training in practical neuro-literacy for lawyers, exploring  new perspectives on why we and our clients behave as we do during conflict and conflict resolution— and how we might do better.

Conscious Contracting

Conscious contracts offer a values-based way to align your legal documents with your purpose and create strong relationships with stakeholders. This article, originally written for a magazine for entrepreneurs, will help you understand the direction we’re heading: Beyond Boilerplate, Workable Legal Documents.

Amanda Boardman is working with Linda Alvarez  (see DiscoveringAgreement.com which describes her particular brand of conscious contract services)  and Kim Wright, author of Lawyers as Peacemakers.

A group of us lawyers from around the world have been working on this model and have only recently decided to form an alliance.  Amanda, Linda and Kim, who all have their own approach to Values-Based Contracts are developing ways to teach Conscious Contracting to other lawyers.  Please contact the CIL if you’re interested in this.


De Bono’s 6 Thinking Hats

Amanda Boardman is working with the Business Results Group (BRG) to offer specialised training for lawyers in De Bono’s brilliant thinking methods including the 6 Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking.  Please contact the CIL if you are interested.


Maximising Female Thinking in Law Firms

This full or half day course is offered by Amanda Boardman in partnership with Mary Ovenstone.

Mary is an Executive and Leadership Coach and Mentor and a counsellor for individuals and couples. She has lectured and written widely on corporate and personal relationships. Her current passion is coupling the latest research on the neurological distinctions between the male and female brain with her clinical experience, highlighting the differences between how men and women think, process their feelings and relate. She is currently finalising an MPhil at Stellenbosch University Business School in Management Coaching.

The objectives of this workshop are to:

  1. Give context & understanding of Women in law today, what’s happening globally
  2. Explain the differences between male and female neurobiology: Implications for how we think and make decisions, process emotions and relate differently
  3. Explore ways in which a law practice might better utilize its female lawyers.  Given that the practice of law was designed by men to utilize their own thinking and conflict-resolution styles, how best might female relational skills and decision-making strengths be optimized.  Facilitating gender-balanced partner meetings. Understanding both male and female clients, their motivations and ways of communicating.
  4. Help  women lawyers learn how to optimize their thinking and decision-making strengths while communicating in such a way that men can hear and value their perspectives


Depth Leadership for Lawyers

Helene Smit and Amanda Boardman co-facilitate this session, by request. Helene is the Programme Director for the National Diploma in Facilitation offered by the South African College of Applied Psychology and a lecturer at UCT’s Graduate School of Business for the past 15 years.

Amanda Boardman is the director of the Centre for Integrative Law. She is a qualified attorney who has experience in practising law, lecturing law as well as leadership training for corporates and diagnosing organisational development issues. This gives her a multi-disciplinary perspective in terms of designing and facilitating personal and professional development courses for lawyers.

The session introduces the idea of “Depth” Leadership, which encompasses leadership that attends to the human individual and collective psyche. It refers to an integrated leadership approach which takes into account the perspectives of all stakeholders.  It also explores the New Leadership Skills for Lawyers required in response to the rapid and dramatic change being experienced by the legal profession worldwide as a result of which lawyers can no longer rely simply on excellent legal analysis and advocacy skills.

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