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We are at a moment in legal history that requires a fundamental re-organization towards problem solving and a new operating system to successfully address our global epidemic of chronic conflict.

Anyone who is working to transform the legal system and legal profession so that it can meet the goals a legal system is intended to meet, may fall under this umbrella term “Integrative Law Movement”.

As viewed by the movement, the basic goals of a legal system include but are not limited to providing access to justice; designing, managing, and healing relationships; and providing stable, organic, flexible structures for a just, stable and harmonious community.

Unless you have your head in the sand, you’ve probably noticed that there are many parts of the law not working so well. In the system generally we have court models that produce fragmented, compartmentalized outcomes which do not resolve the core problems or produce positive societal or individual satisfaction. That is to say, so often these days the winner of a court battle is as dissatisfied as the loser. There’s something wrong with the system! Even in criminal cases many victims don’t get what they wanted from the process either – but that’s another part of the story. (see Restorative Justice to learn about this aspect).

The good news is that everywhere there are lawyers and law firms are starting to shift consciously from a rigid, hierarchical, left-brain, win/lose mindset to a more intuitive, inclusive, inter-connected world view. These shifts will not only change the perception of the legal profession in the public’s eye but will also allow lawyers to fulfil their client’s needs in a more authentic way. All over the world new legal practices and processes are arising in response to these issues. The Centre for Integrative Law is helping people inside and outside the profession to learn about the changes.

One example of a development in Integrative Law is contract lawyers who are pioneering ways to  draft more conscious contracts, that strengthen relationships instead of setting up adversarial relationships from the start. Not so many lawyers are onto this yet as it is NOT what we’re taught at law school. The change here is being driven by conscious businesses who are rejecting the archaic, adversarial and impenetrable language of traditional contracts.



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