“If you want to bring a fundamental change in people’s belief and behavior…you need to create a community around them, where those new beliefs can be practiced and expressed and nurtured.” ~Malcolm Gladwell, The Tipping Point

The Centre for Integrative Law (CIL) is a consultancy founded and run by Amanda Lamond. Its mission:

To create a network of conscious committed legal professionals who support the emergence of a healthier legal system.

All over the world, including the US, UK, Australia and Europe there are growing numbers of legal thought-leaders in the Integrative Law Movement pioneering new methods of practising law and restoring humanity to the legal system. This work has many, many forms, from fundamentally shifting how we view the purpose of the legal system and the purpose of lawyers, to simply helping lawyers heal so that they can be healers of conflict. Too many lawyers are suffering from burnout, chronic stress, anxiety and fatigue and in this state, they are unable to serve their clients or the system as a whole.

Since 2012 the CIL has pioneered many initiatives in South Africa including having the first 50 lawyers trained in Collaborative Divorce; introducing more than 100 lawyers to Neuro-literacy for Lawyers, (neuroscientific learnings for improved lawyering); bringing legal thought-leaders to South Africa; and running SA’s first Integrative Law conferences. A lot of our work is “unseen”: it’s supporting individual lawyers to re-connect with their purpose, sometimes connecting them with like-minded lawyers doing similar work in other countries. In some ways the CIL is leading a movement, which is lonely work!

During 2016 and 2017 the CIL focused its efforts on WOLELA Women Leading in Law, a national network of women lawyers. In 2018 Amanda is returning to consulting with individuals, with law firms and law schools. All her programs are premised on sitting with the questions:

Why were we drawn to the legal profession?

How are we currently practising law?

Can we find new ways to practise that better serve us, our clients and society?


Individual consulting: helping lawyers find their purpose and new ways to bring who they really are to what they do.

Organisational Consulting: working with law firms to determine the biggest “energy blocks” affecting productivity and performance; programmes for women lawyers (the Integrative Legal Leadership Programme for Women); Cultural Values Assessments*

*Amanda is a certified Barrett Values Centre Cultural Transformation Tools Consultant.

Law School consulting: Integrative Law curriculum design, training lecturers, workshops for staff and students.


We are at a moment in legal history that requires a fundamental reorganization towards problem solving and a new operating system to successfully address our global epidemic of chronic conflict. Old legal practices and court models produce fragmented, compartmentalized outcomes which do not resolve the core problems or produce positive societal or individual satisfaction. Forward thinking lawyers and law firms are starting to make shifts from the traditional hierarchical, left-brain, win/lose mindset to a more intuitive, inclusive, inter-connected world view. For example, many firms are embracing mediation as one of their services and some are renaming their “litigation department” the “Conflict Resolution Department”. These shifts change the perception of the legal profession in the public’s eye but allow lawyers to fulfil their client’s needs in a more authentic way. All over the world new legal practices and processes are arising in response to these issues. The CIL works with South African lawyers who are at the forefront of the new paradigm of law.